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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

N2N Goes Russian !

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter there are few things about me that people don't know. What many people don't know though is what my real hair looks like. Since hairdressers don't like to sign my confidentiality agreement and because I just hate waiting, I have been doing my own hair for years. Probably another reason why you can't see my real hair. I don't miss styling my own hair. When it rains, curls go limp, it takes tons of care and product and after months of vitamin E capsules it only gets so long. And let me be truthful, I change direction like the wind one minute I want it long the next short, colour, no colour, streaks, no streaks so it's best I experiment with someone else's hair.

I was on the job at a wedding recently and caught a glimpse of one of the attendant's hair!!  I had to find out where she got it . Since the recent "Remy" craze I have been doing my research but not everyone with a bag of hair can sell me on this "Remy" thing. But this girl's hair looked great. I went online and followed the seller Platinum Hair, a local company  on Twitter and Facebook and entered their giveway . I mean just because I wanted to buy didn't mean I wouldn't take it free!  Weeks later I open my inbox and I have won their weekly draw!!!!!!
Platinum Hair

Now don't get carried away wondering about my amazing luck . The draw I won gave me two options. I could purchase a hair type of my choice at a substantially discounted $200 a pack  or I could put my name back into the final draw to see if I could win the hair out right. I opted to buy. Who knows if I would I have won the final draw. Okay stop staring at the screen wondering if you read correctly, Yes I said $200 a bundle. But the hair I was lucky enough to get was RUSSIAN. I choose to believe straight off the head of a Russian princess. On their Facebook page the lengths I won 22" and 24" can retail for $600. So I saved $1200 . Yup because I had to buy three packs.  I know you are saying no Renee you CHOSE to buy three packs. But to look my absolute best I need fullness. I know some ordinary person could get by with two bundles but I am far from ordinary !

Here are the shots of the hair I received.

 The tote I received

I received this weft sealer and prior to the installation I sealed the weft to prevent shedding.

The bundles had a freshly washed Dove conditioner smell. Which made me feel better as very often when suppliers buy human hair in bulk it comes fresh from the heads of others with a little more in it than tangles, if you get what I mean. Truly raw or virgin hair should be washed prior . Also as much as I love the smell of fresh hair in the morning that packaged smell is a dead giveaway of the same chemical processes and colouring you don't want in Virgin hair.

I know some of you are reading and wondering about all the terms virgin, remy, remi, unprocessed, wefts. Trust me I will cover them all in another blog . It is all too much to put in one post. Sufficed to say another quick tip is to burn your hair with a lighter and watch and smell. 100% human hair is pure  protein fiber that burns with a small flickering flame and will not continue to burn unless you hold the flame continuously to the strand. It burns briefly with an orange flame and then chars leaving a dark ash that turns to powder when crushed. The odor is of burning flesh or burning feathers. I burnt a few strands and it was just as I had researched ! 100% hair !

Anyone paying full price for this hair will probably treat it kindly. I believe however if I have to treat my hair better than a small child it shouldn't be on my head. I cut the weft (those of you that are hair people just got goosebumps, I know.) I sprayed it, steamed it, curled it, flat-ironed it, spritzed it, moussed it, went into the pool and didn't rinse the chlorine out, dove into the ocean and went to bed with wet hair. I tried it all . NOT A FLINCH.  I got up after lying on wet hair and ran my finger through it. I actually went a whole weekend without combing my hair. Which is typical on those weekends when I don't have weddings.

Have a look

Got wet in the rain and still tangle free

Wet Chlorine filled hair

I didn't even pin it up!

Rocking my virgin Russian from Platinum with Maren who got her virgin indian from her momma!

Tangle Free
Natural brown colour
Easily blends with your processed hair texture
Strong wefts that minimise shedding
Wonderful smell on arrival
Maintains a natural wave pattern which looks good even when it is not curled (or combed :-)

You get no work done! Any job that requires two hands will suffer as your hands are constantly playing with your hair.
Needs to be set well to maintain curls in a humid environment..

 I love this hair. I really love this hair. I have installed another type of hair that  I bought online. However since I have changed my hair from the Russian Wavy, I have been greeted with weird looks from coworkers when  I forget I am no longer a Russian princess and turn up at work  and my new  hair which is tangled and needs combing. It was a fabulous few weeks and the only reason I removed the hair was to try some others. It will be making an appearance on my head again soon. So feel fry to walk up to me and ask if you can touch it.

More hair blog posts coming soon!

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