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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

N2N Goes Peruvian

I had the opportunity to review a totally different type of hair. Magnique Hair  offers human hair extensions right here in Barbados. Since I had tried tons of other hair and kept all of it in black or dark brown, I decided to jazz up this one with a little colour.I also installed and coloured this hair myself.

So off to the local beauty supply and I purchased, peroxide, developer and and Texures and Tones Golden Brown in case the hair colour wasn't quite what I wanted. Sometimes if the hair has been colored treated and not virgin, you can get a weird green toned blonde.

I didn't have this problem though. I had Peruvian Natural Wave in a 22 inch length, in the highest grade available. Peruvian hair has a more coarse texture  so blending with our straightened locs is even easier that with other silkier textures.
The Peruvians come from sturdy stock so this hair holds up to curling and maintains a wave pattern even through heavy brushing.

I decided to go with the popular ombre effect dark at my roots and lighter at the tips. I am am not much for crazy colour so no purple roots and pink tips here. I just wanted subtle brown colour to come in beachy waves down my hair.

If you ever tried to bleach  remy from a package a store you will realize it is not remy . It might be Remington, remus, remo but remy it is not. Already we use the term Remy too often to refer to any kind of hair,  it really refers to hair harvested from one person's head and bundled and treated for your purposes . Alot of the hair that comes from a package on the shelf in the local hair store may come off of a head alright but  which ones???
I coloured  this hair and unlike my previous attempts, that left me on the floor clutching a ball of knots which resembled frayed crocus bag, this hair was lovely.I was able to bleach it and the colour was gorgeous and very bright too bright for work I am afraid, so I was able to add the colour golden brown to achieve this look.

The hair held up well but didn't get fair treat mention as it was on my head while I was on the HcG diet. So just to be extra careful I didn't use any product on it . So it was bleached and colored and razored and received no moisturizers for weeks. When I was desperate I sprayed a brush with oil sheen, gave it a good brush and was done.

Had a party to attend and was able to use minimal product on the hair

Used a paddle brush to and oil to tame the hair for this shoot.

All in all this hair lived up to expectations. I was able style, colour, razor  with moderate shedding . The wefts are flexible enough that the fold over method was easy to achieve.  There was some tangling at my nape but having seen how I treated this hair I am surprised it didn't unstitch itselfef from my head.  I have always said if I have to treat the hair on my head better than a small child and I have to touch it and groom it and kiss it and talk to it just for it to look good,  that means it is not the high quality hair extension I should have on my head.  Marie from Magnific also checked in with me, during the process ensuring I had enough info about care and handling of the hair, which was great.

You can follow the link to her page.!/MagnificHair?__user=508705734
So onto more hair. I am looking to change my hair style this holiday. From big and curly to Bigger and Curlier !!! So if anyone has any suggestions or any great hair they've tried feel free to message me .