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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kadooment Day with N2N

This year Crop over was a blur. Kadooment day is especially crazy for me. In the weeks leading up to the big jump up everyone is hoping to book makeup for kadooment day offering favors, money and their first born for a coveted time slot. I think every makeup artist has to be booked from 4a.m. to 8a.m. on kadooment day.

I however felt particularly ambitious and decided to start taking appointments from 2:40 a.m. Yup 2:40 Makeup is that important. Fortunately with the help of a dedicated team, I was able to survive this day with all my weave intact.
To keep the makeup on over time I selected three brands of spirit gum Graftobian, Ben Nye and Kryolan. I was taking no chances of rhinestones moving. Glitter is a big fave of mine so it was on everything eyes, backs, shoulders.
While waiting my clients were treated to breakfast sponsored by M&D incorporated. More popularly known as mummy and daddy. From the wee hours they were able to munch on plums, oranges, apples, strawberries, yogurt, cookies, sweet pastries, fish cakes,sandwiches, sausages, well you get the picture. Gone are the days where people stand hungry waiting for a chance to sit in the chair for makeup.

My assistants for the day Allison, Alana, Alexis and Sherry were a God send. Every year I toss and turn the night before Kadooment nervous about the number of people, hoping everyone looks great and no one is left waiting on the sidelines for their makeup. This year it was smooth sailing. From prepping with oil and sweat control, to foundation and rhinestones they kept the line flowing so that everyone was on time.When the dust settled I even had enough energy to finish my makeup and hit the road before all the bands ran down to Spring Garden.

Allison taking a look at  some rhinestone designs

Sherry hard at work

Alexis helping with a  rhinestone design

A moment of exhaustion at the end

After the dust settles I too will have a Commission of Enquiry into the day's events :-) and we will plan for even better things to come in 2013. If you want to join in the fun my advice is not to wait 6:00 a.m and 6:30 a.m are already taken.

Here are some shots of a few of the girls

Licia getting etra liner on her lash extensions.

  Deciding what rhinestone deisgn  to take using the ipad.

N2N model Regina and her friend Chinyere

 Ramona before the jump

Fitness Competitor Ramona Ramjit-Munoz at home for a holiday

Ramona After the jump. Loving the staying power of the makeup.

 Shontelle and Lisa had custom made latex pieces created by me to complement their costumes.

Contact Girls


Mischa on the road

Jo-Anne 2nd from the right has her makeup done 5 hours before the jump up and still looks great!

See you guys next year !

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  1. It lasted all day too even after being drenched numerous times. Got home looked in the mirror and was smiling