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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Faces of N2N: Sade Connell

I love collaborating with photographers. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a crisp 5:00 a.m. breeze in your face while walking through a gully holding a reflector and a light stand when working with photographers. I met Sade when working with Joel Brooks completing demo makeup for one of his Photography training courses.

A little background here . Joel is an awesoooome photographer. I mean... he made me look like this on a church bench in his living room .

He conducts a series of workshops covering everything from how to hold your camera to lighting to photoshop. He even got me to put down  my cell phone and take pictures with a proper camera.

Sade often worked with Joel and before I knew it, she agreed to work with me as one of the faces of N2N. Her fun and glam look worked well with whatever we do but even better she is a QC gal like me.... 

 .... and she lives right around the corner . Which made it easy to plan shoots around times which were convenient for us both.

Sade after one of our shoots .

Sade changing up her look but always fun and glam.

Name : Sade Connell

Age :23 

I have just completed my degree in accounting and will be persuing a Masters in September.

photo by Jaryd Niles-Morris

Sade is one of the faces of N2N luxury our service using high end products for a high end finish.

Sade and N2N Bridal

Favourite Makeup Looks : I guess it would have to be a smokey eye with a red lip. Or even a really natural look with nude lips . ( Two extremes, I know lol)

Makeup that drives me crazy : I would never wear yellow eye shadow or lipstick.

Daily Makeup Regime :  I own a little makeup. Just the basics really, powder, eyeliner, mascara, some lipsticks and lip glosses . Recently bought foundation for the first time! On a daily basis I wear little to no makeup. Lots of times I just don't wear any but when I do it would have to be powder, eyeliner, mascara, a little gloss and that's it.

What's your favourite part of being made up by N2N? Hmm that's a touh one . I love the whole process! But if I had to choose I would say my favourite part is looking in the mirror when it's all finished and seeing how STUNNING my makeup looks. I'm amazed every time :)

During the holidays Sade was the face of N2N Holiday not to mention participating and modeling for our various classes.

photo by Jaryd Niles-Morris

Sade for N2N Bridal 

Modeling for Drab to Fab

photo by Brian Elcock 

We love working with Sade . Her ready smile and stunning looks are second only to her great personality. 

Hmmm that sounds just like another QC girl I know ;-)

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