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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Girl Next Door

Some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting photojournalist Risée Chaderton and she asked if we could collaborate on the weekly editorial The Girl Next Door foward, ages,  and we finally got together . Turns out Risée lives a stone's throw away and we have the perfect set up to get cracking.

The GND  takes the average Bajan girl and highlights her interests in an exciting before and after shoot. 
Juann is my first crack at the Girl Next Door.
Juann Before

Juann After

While working outdoors for me conjures up images of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.. for the MUA on  set there are bigger problems .. In a word "heat " .
Ten minutes in the Caribbean sun can render and hour of blending and contouring pointless.
To prevent makeup meltdown  I used Cinema Secrets Super Sealer  before and after makeup application. 
" A Matte Moisture Resistant Sealer and Sweat- Stopper ."

Juann doesn't typically wear makeup so the purple shadow and deep orange blush we used did raise some eyebrows but she loves the finished product.

I had a blast. Juann has now been converted  and is actively dabbling in the glosses and bronzers of the makeup world.  She told me she felt so pretty and she was excited to start wearing makeup more often. I think it is that feeling that makes doing makeup most rewarding .

More GND posts coming soon. :-)


  1. hi renee...i want to be a girl next door also

  2. sure !! Message me you info and I can contact you asap!

  3. I love!!! This was exciting and the entire girl next door project is awesome! I loved the transformation! Great blog post!

  4. Thanks Sherry !!!!!! I am so excited to keep going .

  5. Congrats on you new blog. Your project is cool, keep moving forward. :)

  6. love that gorgeous purple shadow!