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Monday, 30 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby Product Launch

Mac Surf Baby Product Launch

Mac Cosmetics’ launches are exciting the world over and Barbados is no different. For large collections I am scouring the web for any glimpse of preview promotional images. I had already decided that my purchases for the Mac Surf Baby collection, if any, would be restricted to the pigment stacks. (Saving for Travel - more info to come J)
I don’t know why, but pigments are my weakness. Strange since no matter  the packaging, I invariably spend more time scooping pigment off my counter than I do placing  product on my face.
Anyone who attends a launch knows that a pre-order is a prerequisite or else by the end of the night you are left holding an empty glass and an empty bag. The reason given is that MAC Cosmetics in Barbados is not a self standing Mac Store and there are always limited quantities of these limited edition collections.  In fact, for some of this collection, only three tubes of some  lipsticks were available for purchase. Those lucky ladies are smiling now, I’m sure.
 The launch also gives me a chance to see the lovers of MAC  who I rarely see unless we are all invited to one of these events.
I arrived promptly at 6 p.m. and was greeted by the sounds of Rihanna  and a lovely beverage with colours  inspired by the  collection.
Terrica the new MAC Barbados Product Specialist  gave a demo using many of the products from the collection.

Model Marnise Before


  and After
A shocker for me was how small the crowd was. Don’t get me wrong, fighting with a girl for the last of the fruit kebabs is not my idea of a good time, but I wondered if someone forgot to send out the invites. Speaking with one of the Mac reps it seems following recent launches,  they decided to scale back the invites.  This was  a welcome change. I was able to see the demo, talk to reps and  actually touch the display without  poking out someone’s eye.

A very modest crowd

The Mac Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011 . Available at MAC Cosmetics in Bridgetown. 

This time around there was a wonderful selection of hors d'oeuvres . From tangy meat balls to fresh crisp chicken salad wraps and sweet blueberry confections...YUMOO!

Drinks all around !

Missing on the night, were my friends Lola and Sabrina of MAC Barbados but Mac did not leave the floor empty of representatives as two new ladies have been added to the Barbados team Christine (pictured here) and Christianna.
Christine giving some feedback on the products to an eager customer.
The effervescent and ever-helpful Troy

Patricia, Retail Manager

Also present were the ladies of I Hrt Makeup and Colour Coded Makeup

 I Hrt Makeup

Danielle of Colour Coded Makeup

I tried to find teal in my wardrobe. That's the colour I love most from this collection but that didn't work out. So I settled for green and a gold hibiscus inspired by the collections' colourful  beachy packaging.

Making selections

And now for my haul.............
I can't really call it a haul since compared to my norm this looks like slim pickings but I purchased both pigment stacks although I wondered if the pinky/purple stack - "Summer Stash" looked like the Crushed Metal Pigment Stack 1 that I bought last year with the Color Forecast Collection in February 2010.
They clearly are not the same. The four on the left are Summer Stash and on the right Stacked 1. I love them all ...just love pigments. 

 Summer Stash and Surf the Ocean
Feeling inspired I took my haul to the beach.
My haul on the sand !!!!

After viewing this collection I really plan to show some love to my neglected pigments.
Maybe a post on looks with my pigments .. you never know.


  1. hey girl, i absolutely love everything about your post - the photos, your description of the event and the experience, what you got, everything!! can i come visit you in barbados?? :D

  2. Thanks so much jenn !!!!! I will come to L.A then you can feel free to see the beauty that is Barbados:-D