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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fun in the Sun: A Quest for Oil Control

Whenever Rally Barbados comes around I know that summer action and Kadooment is not far behind!! I know for the rally, girls put on their bikini tops and shorts ...I am not one of those girls. I know girls fight the heat by wearing their  hair in modest heat-sensible hairstyles ...I am not one of those girls. I've even heard that some girls go  the entire  two days wearing only sunglasses and a smile on their face .... I am sooooooo NOT one of those girls.
So big hair : check
Makeup :check

This time around I decided to use the rally to test a product.I  decided to tackle a question I am asked all the time . What can I buy to combat oil on my face during these summer months.  The list is exhaustive ...if you live in Miami. But with the nearest Sephora being miles away I decided to take a look around the local scene for an option.
I found very few oil control primers and as usual had to make a bee line for Cave Shepherd straight to MAC Cosmetics.

I would use MAC Oil Control  Lotion and would observe the changes to my makeup look over the hot days ahead...oh and watch the rally too.

I must admit that when it comes to makeup I have been experimenting with my face from a wee lass. Apparently (and this is according to my friends) I spent my days in Secondary School plotting my escape to the nearest pharmacy or cosmetique where I would spend every last cent on makeup. 
But skincare in those early years was not important. Even now I am sure more money is spent buying shadows than on  a good skin care regime. Sad, I know.

Having said that, after reading reviews I realised it was not enough to take MAC Oil Control Lotion and slather onto your face once, then expect miraculous results. It is an item that should be coupled with consistent use and over time you notice less and less need for dabbing and wiping.

On application the formula feels smooth on the skin and absorbs easily. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and taut as some would expect from an oil control. If you like unscented products you may have to look again as this one smells sweet and fragrant. It comes in a cute pump bottle which I like as I am always spilling something. Below is the description given by MAC.

The ultimate no-shine base for oil control. Natural exfoliants help improve texture and clarity. Lightweight and instantly matte, bonds makeup to the skin for fewer touch-ups. Oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to keep skin pH-balanced. Use day or night.

And now onto the rally

Over three days ,King of the Hill , Sol Rally Barbados Day 1 and 2 , I saw thrills , spills and an oil slick..the slick being on my face.

King of the Hill
Spent most of the day under a tent but the heat and humidity still found a way to get to me.

Sol Rally Barbados Day 1
In the Morning.
Note my happy smiling face , feeling great, ready to go and virtually oil free.

Still feeling great and the oil control is doing its job.

Still smiling but OMG look at my face.
Clearly miracles come from above and not from a bottle, no evidence of oil control now.

 Sol Rally Barbados Day 2

Hmmmm I am starting to believe that the rally may best be viewed from the airconditioned comfort of a vehicle .

Damaged car and crumpled hair style.

While testing I got a chance to watch the rally.


After all of this what do I think? I think my quest will continue . Of course I will continue to use my MAC but when I travel this summer, I will be keeping  my eyes open for new products to add to my arsenal.

Do you have any favourite oil control products ? Let me know about them.


  1. 'prime time oil control foundation primer' by Bare Essentials. It works wonders for me. I don't wear makeup everyday and if I'm going to be in the sun like at rally, I stay far from however, I really love this primer. I'm super oily and on those rare occasions when I need to to wear makeup for an entire day this primer is my best friend. I've used both the regular and the Oil control primer and I prefer the latter. If you read the reviews though some persons have had problems with the oil control primer flaking but I've had no problem.

  2. Ok I have a major problem with oil. as soon as i started using this Avon primer it's been no oil or shine, and it's crazy ive had that problem for YEARS! the primer is like a "gel powder" and then i can use whatever i want on top of it, but i swear by it now. even when i run, my makeup doesnt get shiny after all the sweating, lol.

  3. I gonna have to keep my eyes out for both of these thanks Gina and Jenn ! The quest continues!