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Monday, 13 June 2011

The Girl Next Door : Typhany

Typhany came as an open book. She was willing to try any makeup look, but I could see diva written all over her. No shrinking wall flower here, so I gave Typhany  a look she  could rock to any one of her favorite party spots. I used my go-to blue shadow Mac's  Sea and Sky . For me, MAC can just sell the sea and forget the sky part , the deep cobalt blue is to die for. I gave Typhany  a wind tunnel eye, smoldering in the beginning and elongated at the end. Pairing this with a soft bronze highlight allows the blue to stand on its own.

As I am applying blush Typh says "I thought I was too dark for blush!!!" Too dark!!!! Oh darling, there is no such thing. Placing a bright pink blush high on her cheeks I proved Typhany wrong and made her smile all at the same time. A two-fer if ever there was one.
With all this action on her face a simple bronze lip made Typhany sultry and party ready.

Typhany Before

Typhany After

All photos below by Risee Chaderton

Tip.  You can pair high voltage eye makeup with a nude or more subtle lip to achieve balance in your makeup looks.

Behind the Scenes 

Lots more Girl Next Door (GND) to come. 


  1. I definitely need a makeover, she looks absolutely stunning nice work Renee

  2. Fantastic. My instant reaction was "WOW!"
    You did an awesome job Renee. Reminds me I need to come back and get some help with my "smokey eye"

  3. Thank u everyone .. Let me know what u would like to see in the blog and I will try. My best to get the info out there.

  4. Awesome! I'm loving this series! You never disappoint!

  5. This look is amazing! btw...
    Congrats! I awarded you 4 blogger awards! You can check them out on my blog :D oxoxo Krystal

  6. she looks it

    u have a great blog,am now following

  7. WOW! Great make over! Most of the makeover I see around the internet are just meehh... but this was freaking amazing!
    I'm subbin' :D