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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Kadooment Day for me is fabulous . Its one of the few days that ladies will actually let me apply glitter, rhinestones  and lashes without raising eyebrows.My day usually starts for me around 3am and goes straight to 10:30 am, then I head ontp the streets. No sitting, no drinking, just glitter and craziness.

If you notice that these pix looks extra sleek  just know that I did NOT become a photographer .. my buddy Brian of Bcreativephotography took them .Check out his stuff here

                                 Studio Before                                                    Studio After

This year on twitter I saw the offerings of Xotic Eyes. A company which produces gorgeous glitter appliques for the eyes and body .My first plan was to starve myself lose 100 pounds and wear it myself on kadooment day.Sanity prevailed and I spoke to a girl I saw  at work and when I showed her the pieces  and she was thrilled  and decided to create her own costume with the pieces.
Two days before Kadooment we realised we needed more appliques to cover her body with none to be had on the island. Fortunately I was able to use  latex and glitter to replicate the look .These pieces we attached to her body with spirit gum.

the ones I made covered her legs, hands and added to her bikini bottom.

We use glitter and a special glitter glue on her eyes instead of the xotic eyes and placed it just under her lash line.

  Allison adding rhinestones and oil sheen .  Alexis spraying Dermacolor fixing spray to her face.

After seeing how well hers turned out, I made one for my face.

All about the peacock feathers

This year the packages I offered ranged from $40-$60 and included breakfast. We had coffee, tea, juice, chocolate coconut cake balls, coconut cake, orange marmalade gingerbread and fishcakes. It will be even better next year!

Following the coffee some got a little hype and started the party early.

In the end 20 girls got bedazzled and I want to thank all my friends and family for helping out , Gregory, Felicia, Alexis, Allison , Sherry and Hal  :-)

On the Road

Christina on the Road

Sharice's pieces stayed on all day as did her makeup and glitter .. Only one tata cover became loose in the rain ( not the ones I made :-)

All eyes on me!! Look at the guys in the background!

Commission work for the Contact Band

To all the ladies who came out,  Thank You . Next year will be bigger and better !! I am planning already.