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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Ramjits

I got the opportunity to work as the makeup artist on a photo shoot  with the Ramjit sisters. In Barbados Ramona , Rhea and Regina have been staples on the pageant and fashion scene. They have been collecting crown and titles for years. I first met the bubbly and exciting Regina and collaborated with her on shoots before  but this time all three sisters were on the island and the opportunity to shoot with them presented itself and I was more than willing to take part.

A previous shoot with Regina
(Photographer Brian Elcock)

For their makeup I wanted to let their natural beauty shine through and I am currently on a coral kick!! I don't know when this colour became so hot but I am glad that it did. I used Temptu Airbrush  foundation on Regina and Ramona and a coral coloured La femme blush. Rhea's deeper tones called for my favorite Black Opal Foundation and  used Nars Taj Mahal Blush  on her cheeks for a warm glow. On their eyes I used Clinique's  shadow Like Mink on the lashline and blended into the coral  toned Sunburst shadow. I used Clinique's Daybreak shadow as a highlight.

I cant get enough of the OCC lip tars and I used the  varying mixtures of Beta, Grandma and Safety Orange to personalise each girls lips for her skin tone.

Here are the results.

(Photographer : Jaryd Niles-Morris)

(Photographer : Jaryd Niles-Morris)

I had a blast working with the Ramjit sisters and always have a great time behind the scenes with their mum Ruth.

It started out Okay.....

....but it got dark very quickly!!

Final shots
Thanks again girls.

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