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Sunday, 11 September 2011

N2N Luxury

When I started learning about makeup a few years ago they were few brands available here in Barbados .Although the selection hasn't improved dramatically what has increased is the consumers knowledge of brands that are available whether here or overseas.  Blame it on marketing,  YouTube, whatever you want . People know now exactly the look they want and the products the stars use to achieve it. 

Some makeup artists may be put off by this kind of client but honestly sometimes it takes the pressure off  me! So often people say I don't know what  I want and I stare at hundreds of shadows, a million lip colours and think "Girl neither do I!" but ever so often there is a girl who has gone online downloaded a Kim K pic and said, " darling  want these eyes and this lip" and I know exactly what she is going for, even if it has to be tweaked to suit her .

It was clients like these that started demanding high end products , airbrush makeup, HD foundations, 'pore-perfekting' products , and luxurious bronzers and I obliged until little by little I had a collection products from moisturisers to mascaras to satisfy the client. 

Don't get me wrong I love me a deal but I must admit I too am a sucker for marketing. I know...I know... As a MUA I must use a discerning eye and follow the research and reviews for products that aren't only high end but work, but I love shiny packaging and  if you smack a little gold dust on something and put on a pretty price tag...somehow I feel it must work and when I put it on I feel like money.

Packaging aside though , thanks to reviews and other avid bloggers I was able to add sensibly to my collection and come up with products which I liked and would satisfy my clients needs for a luxurious finish. .....N2N Luxury

The brands used on this shoot include 
Embryolisse Cleansers and Moisturisers 
Per-fekt  Beauty Skin Perfecting Gel 
Makeup Forever Microperfecting primers, HD powders, lip pencils, aqualiners
Clinique shadows and Mascaras 
Dior Mascaras
Temptu Airbrush Foundation
Graftobian HD foundation
Nars Blushes
Cargo Bronzers
Skindinavia Setting sprays 

I will continue to add to N2N Luxury . I already have my eye on the Guerlain  and Illamasqua holiday collections . You may not need expensive everyday but every once in a while everyone deserve a little luxury. N2N Luxury.

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