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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Getting Naked!

So  I've been hearing and seeing lots of stuff about Naked Cosmetics and with the term "mineral makeup" being on everyone's lips it surprised me that this mineral brand slipped my grasp for so long. I was finally able to get my hands on some items from the Naked brand from Colour Coded Makeup who retail a number of  the collections from the Naked Brand . You can imagine my glee.
Left : Naked Gloss       Right : Naked Shadow Base

Mineral makeup has been gaining popularity among women  the past few years. So dermatologists, makeup artists, and basically everyone and their granny are giving a boost to the sales of mineral makeup .So what's so exciting ??
Mineral makeup comprises of minerals, which are pulverized and sterilized into fine powder form. The makeup is made using zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and 100%-micronized minerals, which some companies say are free from chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation to the skin.

But beware just because they  slap the word mineral on it doesnt make it magic. Always do your own research and test the makeup in store before you go all out on these sometimes expensive purchases.

When I got my Naked mineral makeup I was excited at the thought of more pigments. On the back of the box Naked even lists ways in which you can use your new pigments. E.g in nail polish, on your lips and even in your hair.

First of all I love the stackable containers.  Long before the iPhone and ipod my friends christened me as Renee iMash-up (you know instead of I-fill) and I have broken many of the Mac stackable pigments but these containers seem a bit tougher and of course I dropped one :-)
The pigments are pretty and shimmery and that’s what I love most about pigments there always seems to be a little more oomph when a colour is loose when compared to its pressed and flat counterpart. That may just be my eyes. This stack is called Mother Nature and contains a blue brown pigment (much like Mac’s Blue Brown) , a tan  coloured pigment with gold flecks, a shimmery gold pigment, a mint green pigment with gold flecks, a rich coppery red colour and white frosty pigment. I looked at the gold, green and red together and I seriously thought oooh I can feel a holiday look coming on.

Here are the swatches

These were just swatched no base, just my chubby little fingers and what a pay off! No sheerness just colour.
I will be spending some quality time with these loved ones over the holidays!!

More excitingly and closer than Christmas is the Sugarpill and Naked Cosmetics Demonar coming up next Friday hosted by Essential Trends and Colour Coded Makeup. Koren and Pursebuzz will be in Barbados as part of their O2B2 tour and will be conducting an informative seminar using these fab pigments . Soooo not only do you get to meet and greet with the gurus you get to hear first hand how to use these pigments and get maximum use from your new products . Even better if three gal pals get together they can register for this exciting evening for a special price of $100 each. A saving of $50 each!!  Included in the registration is a bag of goodies with products from the demonar!  So get registered and Get NAKED! 

And just for my followers.. Next2Natural will be giving away one free ticket to the Demonar next week . So look out for that lucky winner on Wednesday.


  1. I have some of these and I hardly use them! Now i'm going to dig into my stash and bust them out! woo hoo!

  2. Yup dig in!! I always rediscover my stuff after a blog post !lol

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.