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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Working with a Celebrity

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with an old friend Ayesha Ibrahim. She had contacted me  about collaborating with her during the holidays to provide makeup for the promotion of her hot new clothing line. I was all in. Not only was she an old school mate but we grew up just around the corner from each other.
Ayesha now resides in Miami but came home for a working holiday and made an appearance on the Morning Barbados show and was interviewed for the Sunday Easy Magazine.

Ayesha as she appeared in the Sunday Sun 

My parents who never miss  Mornin' Barbados were thrilled to see "little Ayesha" from around the corner on television and read about her progress in the Sunday Sun. My mother had only one problem, which was that I  had not taken the time to let her know that a celebrity was at her house!!!

So after this tongue-lashing when Ayesha returned for a special N2N photoshoot I made sure to give early notice to my mother who came armed with her camera to be photographed with a celebrity!!!

Our shoot got started at the crack of dawn and this time we couldn't travel to an exotic locale. We were without a portable  light source so we got a really really long extension and had the shoot on an abandoned lot.

Ayesha was a trooper! She is smiling but what she is thinking is "Is Brian serious?"
Brian selecting the "perfect spot"

Often I am called upon to do more than look cute and paint faces. I was put in charge of holding the lights and keeping the giant umbrella steady.......
........ So much for that idea. One high wind I was on the ground with the lights!

After all the dust settled I was happy to work with Ayesha and I cant wait to see more designs from ASMI .

A fresh faced Ayesha before

Our Final Shots

This stunning dress is one of Ayesha's creations

Looking forward to the next home town celebrity I get the chance to work with.

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  1. Great article Renee!!! You are my make up artist for life, definitely enjoyed this shoot and cannot wait for our next collaboration!!!

    -Ayesha (ASMI)