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Monday, 4 June 2012

From Drab to Fab: The Smoke Eye Edition

Smokey eyes have been around forever but recently the term has become quite popular. Every time someone speaks of an eye look you will hear "Wait a minute. Is that a smokey eye?" I was still a bit surprised to have to hold two smokey eye workshops and have people ask for more. In case you missed it, here was the flyer.

In the workshop I started from the basics. Giving everyone information that would help them to become informed shoppers. I remember when I started buying makeup, I found what I thought was the greatest invention...a makeup eraser! Please stop laughing! I seriously thought it would help me. It did. It helped me to realize I spent too much money on stuff that didn't work and I wanted persons to leave my class feeling confident enough to make intelligent purchases. 

The ladies were stuffed with treats from Gracie's Bakery which included smokey N2N Brownies and Purple Smokey eye cupcakes.

Regina was our model for the evening. You may recognise her from our N2N luxury ad.

The first thing I needed to cover was how to cover-up any blemishes. Of course I can only explain with huge gestures and crazy faces so you will see some of those below.

I believe Shonelle as laughing at one of my gestures. If you look closely you will see everyone clutching their free gift. A prize so magnificent people have been calling for more. The amazing Blender Sponge.

There were many questions and I answered all of them and tried to give some of my real life experiences. You know what I mean, the first smokey eye I ever did where I ended up looking like Fester from the Adams family.

I was able to use makeup in this class that is actually available in Barbados. For the average shopper when a makeup artist starts to rattle off names not only are they left bewildered, they are always frustrated when none of the items can be sourced here. Here, I am using a Sleek Palette in Au Naturel available at Essential Trends.

 Listening intently.
This young lady who came all the way from England and attended the workshop (Sounds like she came just for my workshop doesn't it ) asked so many questions and made off with so many prizes she had to be escorted back to her car by security. In every workshop we give out a range of items. This time we had over 60 items ranging from eyeshadow to mascaras to Magnifique Remy Hair. 

Two kinds if smokey eye and smokey eye techniques were demonstrated on Regina. One deep and dark and another with purple and pink.
 Things can get a little messy.

Once again with a flair for the dramatic I am describing my love for these La Femme Blushes. Available from one of the sponsors of the class Exotica Makeup in Sheraton.
There were many prizes in this class from makeovers to cash vouchers to discounts on hair and makeup. The most coveted prize though was the full smokey eye makeover and photo-shoot with BCreative photography who took the head shots for the class flyer. Cheriece was the lucky winner.
I mean who wouldn't want to have their makeup done and look this fab.

 At the end of the class there were many Thank You's and requests for more. I believe I was waving telling everyone goodbye.
I encourage everyone to give the smokey eye a try and message me with questions and pics of their progress. My inbox is now full of pictures of ladies heading out in their smokey eye. A great feeling. 

Special thanks to sponsors
Magnifique Hair
Exotica Makeup
BCreative Photography
Photos by Chaka Welch 

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