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Thursday, 19 July 2012

And then the Lights went out!

On Sunday having planned a photoshoot for a friend everything went haywire. One minute I was having a shoot with five girls then nothing. All plans fell through. But being the good sport that I am I decided to roll with the punches and after picking up the phone and pleading with someone, anyone to come for makeup, Regina came to my rescue. As luck would have it her sister was her in Barbados on vacation all the way from Tel Aviv Israel. So I had two models on my hands.

I gave Regina a sunny summery look.Using a shimmery beige eye shadow, brown and bronze shadow I created an easy to replicate eye look. Rhea mentioned that she like to wear a red lip when heading our so I got a chance to use my red blacklUp  lipstick. I used NYX megashine lipgloss in Perfect Red along with my blacklUp red (which has no name on my tube so don't ask). I gave her a hot gold lid suitable for parties and used Inglot back shadow as a smokey eyeliner.

Everything was looking great and then BRUGADOWN, the lights went out. No ELECTRICITY. Back in the day when partying was partying I was known to put on my makeup in the dark. Many an evening struggling to get into Club Extreme or Boatyard for free I would apply my makeup in the car the dark and no one said anything to me so I assume I looked great. This however was ridiculous.With no AC in the studio, rain pouring outside and mosquitoes waiting at the doors and windows for just the tiniest crack I was not amused. 
Jaryd, the photographer for this shoot, was not deterred. He got the girls to stand in front of a lovely tree and whipped out his camera in the drizzling rain. Of course I am standing thinking "Where are the lights?" "Where is all the fancy schmancy stuff ?" "How are we supposed to get a shot like this?" But I kept those thoughts to myself, creatives can get very touchy. The lights and fancy stuff were to come later, but look at how great the shot turned out.

Finally the power comes back on and we were able to complete the N2N Summer shot. I was thinking the usual sunny poses and Regina says "Can I make the kissy face?" Here's where my age shows itself because I was like I know she doesn't mean that puffed out cheek face she does with her galpals on facebook, but her shot turns out to be fabulous as well.

Regina making her kissy face.

Have a great summer from N2N and I hope the only rain comes on Kadooment day and there is always power on your truck!

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