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Friday, 13 July 2012

Next2Natural goes to Zumba!

Over the past few months I have lost quite a bit of weight (shamelessly bragging). Forty-seven pounds to be exact and it is mostly due to the usual, you know, starvation, prayer, bargaining with God. After all the trials it comes down to the same thing diet and exercise. I have never been however a big fan of classes. At my gym, Surfside, there are lots of classes and I never take them. Seriously, never! I am dragged kicking and screaming if ever I am seen in one. I don't know what it is but I am from the old school. I stick to simple movements done over and over. Elliptical, Stair-climber, Treadmill, rinse and repeat. I am like Stone Cold Steve Austin when it comes to the gym....

Dancing around and Zumba are obviously the last thing you will catch me doing. When contacted about sponsoring a prize and coming to a Zumbunnies class, I willing offered the prize but not my body. I would come see what it was all about and go home. Boy was I in for a shock.

Nadia who has been a friend of mine from World Gym days stepped on the stage like a lean, mean, dancing machine. I honestly stopped with my mouth wide open for the first five minutes while she and Leslie her Zumbunnie partner brought the house down and that was the warm up!

The DJ hit us with hit after hit, my girl Beyonce included. This was no class. This was and out to all, "shell down" fete!! Girls came in all sizes and costumes with prizes up for grabs there was no holding back.
For well over an hour and a half there was dancing, "jonesing" mixed with the usal kicks, squats and zumba core crunching moves. Okay, time to bring my eyebrows back down. Everyone was having fun and most importantly they were able to keep up and keep moving. I hate when I get to a class that is so complicated all I can do is march on the spot and watch the clock.

Latoya, in the white, was judged as the cutest bunny and won a N2N Luxury Makeover and Photoshoot with Andrew Browne Photography!!!

Come Cute, Win a Shoot.
All photos compliments Andrew Browne Photography.

Just a few tips:
  • Bring lots of water.
  • Bring a big towel. There is no end to the sweating and burning. Never touch your hands to your sweaty face, as this spreads bacteria and increases the likelihood of  acne. Just use your towel (blotting, not wiping) instead!
  • Whenever possible get out of your Zumbunnie sweat soaked clothes as qucikly as possible. Get out of those clothes and into the shower.
  • Wherever possible avoid makeup (unless in costume :-D) Most makeup will clog pores by not allowing your skin to breathe naturally during workouts. If you must, use a lighter foundation which will alow your skin to function more naturally.
  • Cleanse your face!You should thoroughly cleanse your skin directly after exercise to clear your pores and remove the sweat and grime that have built up during your workout. You may be losing pounds but your face is accumulating oil, grime and perspiration.
  • Rehydrate your body with water and Rehydrate your skin.After putting your skin through this butt-shaking workout and a cleansing, you will want to re-establish the natural moisture and oils that have been removed.
For you guys who love to shake it and want to "six-thirty" in a safe judge-free environment this is the place for you. Zumbunnies classes are $25 and I believe you sweat out everypenny. Check the link for their dates and info.
 Zumbunnies !!

Will you see me shaking it ......hmmmm, maybe !!

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