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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hauling Myself from Barbados To The IMATS

Getting to the IMATS from Barbados proved harder than I thought . The planning and scheduling was perfect but the airlines fought  hard to make my trip less than perfect. My travel agent Kimmele from Destinations Unlimited was great however. My flight out of Barbados  to Miami was delayed, so as I landed I was just in time to watch my connecting flight roll past my plane out of Miami to LAX. Kim was great  she ensured I was on track and re -booked for the flight leaving first thing in the morning out of Miami.
I finally landed at LAX  on Saturday afternoon for a 20 minute drive to my hotel at the Sheraton Pasadena.  I used SafeRide Limo Service.They were prompt, friendly and the driver provided me with lots of information on our ride over.

When I started planning I watched videos form MakeupbyRenRen to plan my attack on the IMATS exhibit floor but she had other valuable information. She suggested  I stay at the Sheraton because it was so close to the convention centre. It is practically on the same grounds. You walk out of the hotel's back door and you are at the convention center.

When you visit the IMATS website you can purchase tickets as well as book your hotel with a discounted rate through the site.

The service at the hotel was great. Everyone was pleasant , accommodating and full of information. The hotel runs a shuttle to anywhere within a three mile radius and they are ready when you are, to drop you off and pick you back up.  Pasadena is such a "walkable " city that you don't even need it . There are tonnes of restaurants ,supermarkets, and even a Sephora and a MAC store around the corner in case you missed an item at the IMATS.

The Shopping Centre across the street from the IMATS

It has a cute outdoor cafe feel and there was even live music.

Nearby restaurants like Islands , P.F Chang's and Yard House are nice but when you are saving each cent for eyelashes a $25 dollar (US) burger platter can be a bit much. The burger was as big as my head but that is alot of lashes. So after my first day I was looking for options and I found Gelson's Market.

It was indeed a Super Market . I came everyday and bought everything from  a Vicks Inhaler to huge turkey wings for only $2.79. I was able to buy snacks and drinks and "real food' like rice and beef stew to take over to the hotel without breaking my budget,which left a whole lot for my IMATS shopping. The market also has free wifi. The hotel charges for wifi  in the room  so spending a little time at Gelson's is a great idea.

My Haul

I learnt a valuable blogger lesson while trying to photograph this haul. Imagine trying to locate and recall all the pieces I bought at the IMATS weeks after I left :-/  Not a good idea!!! 
A rookie mistake I will remedy next time. 
Here are (the majority of )the items I bought . 

Sponges and puffs from Alcone , all of which were sold in huge packs at super low prices.

Beauty So Clean Makeup Sanitiser spray, wipes and brush cleanser.

  I saw this case on an IMATS vid from last year  ... It's a case with a space for all the thing an MUA would need to complete a client in a convenient case.
 Brush holder, and plastic case with strap.
 there is also a magnetic palette, a tissue dispenser and a mirror in the case.

Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar Base or applying glitter to eyes and lips

Graftobian HD foundation palettes
Inglot 40 palettes

  From Kryolan I got this UV shadow palette and the Derma Color Makeup Fixing Spray
The Mascara Shield

 Napoleon Lipgloss from The Napoleon Perdis booth (sample) Two  Face Shadow Insurance my favourite primer. From Nigel's Beauty Emporium Booth I got these mixing plates.
Also from Nigel's  I got disposables of all shapes and sizes, lip wands, pointed q-tips,mascara wands and 6 beauty blenders and a bottle of cleanser for $70.

Nurturing force blotting papers

OCC cosmetics lip tars and pigment. I got the pigment and the Analog (brown ) from David Klasfeld as a sample.

 Stella Loose Eyeshadow form Sugarpill

Violent Lips Lip tattoos ...Can't wait for Kadooment Day

Ben Nye shadow and Powder from Norcosto MUA booth .
Z palette and empty shadow palette from Cinema Makeup booth
New Temptu Dura Airbrush colours for covering tattoos.

Temptu  Silicone Based  Airbrush Makeup, a great waterproof alternative to traditional foundations.
Temptu Silicone Based Colour Adjusters . All Temptu products from the Temptu Booth

Many booths give free samples, and extras when you purchase. In some case you get full sized items as samples. I got a free dvd from the Graftobian booth, free lip tars, brush cleaners, eyelash curlers and more. 
If you hope to go to the IMATS , the IMATS in LA is the one to get to. Almost 10,000 people a day and a huge exhibitor list make this show the one to beat.

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