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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rihanna in Concert in LA

The Rihanna concert in LA was just days after the IMATS ,so I there is no way Rihanna could be performing 20 minutes away and I would miss this show .Especially since it was being held in the home of my beloved Los Angeles Lakers :-)

The hotel's taxi service arranged for my ride to and from the show, and just like everything else at the hotel this service was great. Apparently limos , town cars and Cadis are the vehicles of choice at these shows.Everyone had a limo or a chauffeur waiting outside after the show.

We arrived early since the show was supposed to start at 7:00 . We arrived at 5:30 and........crickets.

The were maybe twenty people , half of whom worked there . No line , no crowds, no fighting for tickets or wondering where to go. Obviously a bajan did NOT organise this. A DJ was stationed outside playing Rihanna music and giving away bags, coolers and prizes from  a local radio station. So everyone was kept entertained and smiling.

Noticeably missing  was the fashion parade which usually accompanies any concert I have been to in Barbados. Flats, jeans, casual tops  were all over. A few girls did come dressed in red wigs and video girl outfits but they were in the minority.

Near the concert time Nivea gave out free Rihanna temporary tattoos. Mine lasted 5 days!!

 You may not be able to  see  but I got a  star tattoo.

 Around 6:30  I was at the front of the line.
The doors opened at 6:30 as advertised (note to BHTA) .At 6:25 I could see all the Staples centre personnel gathering to be briefed and at exactly 6:30 doors opened , I was scanned and I was seated by 6:37pm. It only took that long since I got lost, posed for pictures in front of Kobe  and met an aspiring MUA  who worked at the arena. I can only hope this efficiency will be replicated at the Barbados show.

I was so early no one else was inside LOL!! 

 Only girl in the woooorrrrlllld!
Rihanna rose up from the stage.

 Amazing dancers

 She moved all over the arena onto giant lit platforms and put down some serious moves.

 S& M

 A  tank  came out for So Hard.

 The CITI bank VIP section started at $400 US and Rihanna came down and played the drums right in the centre of the arena.

  Moves out of this world.
  Just when all lights went off and we thought the show was over  Rihanna came down from the ceiling on   a piano!!!!!!!!!
A standing ovation

The Rihanna show was AMAZING!! I spent the first 5 minutes standing with my mouth open. Lights, pyrotechnics, dancers, vocals, everything was on point. This is not a show for the faint of heart, the girl came HARD!!!  I know the next day we will hear she needed  more clothes and we saw her crotch  more times than some people would like but I say BOO to you !! She was fabulous. From the sliding stages to the hot shoes everything made me smile. I loved it !! She took a drink on stage and toasted the weekend and give a "big-up" to all the West Indians . Honestly before the show I can't say that I had even heard California King Bed. I am a Beyonce girl. From the big hair to the gold sequins I am a diva at heart. But Rihanna edgy sound and look was infectious and to see so  many  screaming fans and middle aged women "wukking up" and  jumping was great. I would do it all over again ... if there were any tickets left in Bridgetown!!! :-)

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