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Friday, 20 July 2012

Next2Natural Weightloss

As long as I can remember I have been trying some kind of weightloss plan.When I was 11 I decided to be a vegetarian but apparently "chips" and mayonnaise do nothing to assist weightloss. Then at 12 I tried Chitosan the fat blockers but was allergic to shellfish, the main ingredient so that didn't last long. Slimfast at Community College, Cabbage soup diet, ccayenne pepper lemonade and Atkins diet at University. Nowhere in here did I consider eating healthy and going to the gym. I mean really, I didn't get fat because I like veges and the treadmill. I like sweets and pasta and souse and high calorie beverages.

The only thing that had ever worked for me was the Atkins diet but with old age setting in I was too afraid to binge on bacon and cheese. There is only so much cholesterol arteries can take and who am I kidding? Who can afford bacon nowadays anyway? At $13 a pack its cheaper to raise the pig.

When I tipped the scale at my heaviest I was a whopping 239lbs but a cute 239lbs. In case you didn't know the bigger you are the more you do. I put on more makeup, had bigger earrings, bigger hair, brighter nails and higher heels. All to distract from my expanding waistline. So when people came up to me and said "Waait you getting real big!" I would say I guess so but did you see my new shoes!

I lost the first 20lbs then stalled because I hadn't been in the gym. I renewed my membership at Surfside, got a gym partner and got to work. I had a white dress to get into for my 30th and all my friends are hot so I was not to be outdone.

My diet consisted of modified Atkins as far as I am concerned. No bread, pasta, little to no potatoes absolutely no fun. Mostly pretty vegetables and protein and more water than the west coast. I know... Where are you getting your energy? Where are the carbs? In the supermarket !!!! I have very little self control and it is better for me to leave them out than eat any so apart from the squash, the vegetables, low sugar fruit and the slice of sweet potato here and there. I tried to avoid carbs.

So here I am Renee minus 51lbs and a lady asks me if I want to enter her plus sized pageant. While I was flattered, I stood there with my pants riding low on my hips and sagging at the back like I just lost a ton of weight and I feared that entering such a competition would mislead my friends, family and let's not forget my fans.
Well I had set a goal of 160 and she informed me that I could enter the competition once I was over 150 so my new weightloss goal is 149.Should someone require a makeup artist though I am certainly available.

I will need as much help as possible. My personal trainer is no longer with the gym and my gym partner often goes in the night time, so I am in need of motivation. I had set up deadlines for myself. I will use my Loseit app to record my food intake and my exercise and I will assess my progress in 30 day segments. I have started a personal journey and really I'm just hoping to motivate others and get a little motivation myself. As for the pageant I think I'm too short and I don't think taking out my brush and doing someone's makeup will be judged as a talent.

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  1. Girl, I would soooo love to do that but cooking for 2 kids and trying to diet is almost impossible. I was in the gym then I got this new job and the gym had to go, i have no idea what to do